Christmas Eve Mass will be held December 24th at 6 PM. 

Come and enjoy a wonderful Christmas story with us, all are welcome!

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Past Events

Special service on Sunday, July 22, 2018 at 9:30 am (instead of 9:00 am) -On Sunday July 22nd St. Bernard’s Chapel will continue the celebration of Fr. William Treacy’s 99th birthday.  He was one of the co-founders of our chapel. Our chapel is based on ecumenism which has been the life work of Fr. Treacy and his beloved friend Rabbi Raphael Levine. The two of them were on KOMO TV’s “Challenge” program for 14 years along with other Protestant ministers who emphasized the commonalities of our love of God and neighbor. Rabbi Levine and Fr. Treacy’s friendship grew into Camp Brotherhood which is now Kamp Korey, a camp for seriously ill children. Their relationship continues on in Treacy Levine Center which continues on their vision.

Fr. Treacy will say a Mass for us at St. Bernard’s Chapel on Sunday July 22nd starting at 9:30am rather than our usual 9am start time. It would be great to have a large turnout to celebrate and show thanks. In gratitude for all Fr. Treacy has done for St. Bernard’s Chapel we would like to make a donation to the Treacy Levine Center to show our appreciation. The Sunday donations collected on July 22nd will be given to Fr. Treacy.

It should be a fantastic time for all. We hope to see you on Sunday, July 22ndat 9:30 am!